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Hi, sorry for being absent. I was busy doing other stuff in my life. Today's going to be about grilled chicken, but vietnamese grilled chicken.


1. Chicken obviously
2. Rice
3. Some cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce
4. Some fish oil
5. Some peanuts

How to make it:

1. Cut the chicken in parts, cut the veggies grossly
2. Clean the rice
3. BBQ the chicken with the rice and the veggies on a grill for a few minutes at medium-high heat (3-4 minutes).
4. Serve it on a plate, sprinkle on the peanuts.
5. Add in the fish oil,

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So yeah, a few while ago, I had this gorgeous Lebanese fried chicken, excellent. I'd like to share its recipe with you guys.


1. Chicken

2. Pita roll

How to:

1. Clean the chicken, cut it in pieces

2. Put in frying pan.

3. Fry it till golden-orangy.

4. Put the pita roll in the toaster

5. Toast it.

How to eat it:

You can have the chicken rolled in the pita, with some Lebanese garlic sauce, yummy.

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So yes hello there. I just got myself some spring rolls from a Vietnamese restaurant. Really good... everybody should know what's a spring roll.


1. Go to a Vietnamese/Chinese store, buy some flour crepes.

2. Some shrimps

3. Vermicelli

4. Vietnamese lettuce

How to:

1. Get the crepes on the table

2. Put on the vermicelli, shrimps and lettuce

3. Roll it over.

Now the peanut butter sauce's ingredients:

1. Peanut butter

2. Water

Steps on how to make the sauce:

1. Get some peanut butter

2. Add in water

3. Dip the spring rolls in the sauce to eat them.

My own thoughts on the recipe: it's really easy, tasty and fast to make. A few minutes or so. And really my favourite vietnamese food. I go and get it every time I go to that Viet take-out place. So now that you know how to make it at home, you don't need to go to the restaurant for them anymore.

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So hey a guys, it's been a while since I've blogged. I've been busy in my life and sorry for all who waited for my recipes.

Today's going to be: a recipe for Chicken Tandoori (an Indian dish). What's chicken tandoori? It's a BBQ with Indian flavours, my favourite.


1. Fine Chicken, of course.

2. Some Indian spices (like the masala, tumeric and etc...)

3. And that's it..


1. Clean the chicken

2. Cut the chicken into small pieces (its legs, its breasts and etc...)

3. Put the chicken in the frying pan

4. While frying it (at medium heat), sprinkle on the spices (Masala and ...)

Here you go, a Chicken Tandoori's picture:

How to have it:

With an Indian sauce (it's either sweet or spicy). I'd rather the sweet one myself.
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Hey there, how you been all? I've been to a Chinese restaurant called Lan Zhou's noodles. Now Lan Zhou is a province of China and this dish was invented 1000 years ago. So approximately 1 k years ago, people in China ate this.

This is a very simple dish, you'll need:

1. Beef

2. Noodles

3. Some vegetables (anything really).

4. Some Lan Zhou's sauce.

The recipe itself:

1. Cleanse the noodles.

2. Mince then beef and veggies.

3. Get everything (noodles, beef, veggies) in a pan and mix everything up a bit with chopsticks.

Serve with soup and sauce.

Why I like this: you can use any vegetables you like from brocolis, to carrots... and etc... for the sauce, it can be leftovers and etc.

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So hey everyone, it's been a long while... How have you been? Anyways, here I go with the taboule recipe.

What's a taboule? It's a roll with chick peas, tomatoes and lettuces... And with a lebanese garlic (or no) sauce.

Main Ingredients:

Some tomatoes, chick peas, lebanese lettuce and lebanese garlic sauce or light sauce, especially made for this salad.

How to:

1. Put everything in bowl

2. Mix everything up.

3. Add in the Lebanese garlic sauce or other light sauce.

My thoughts: it's very healthy and tastes excellent, a perfect salad.

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So hello, good morning, good lunch, how are things? Anything new? Today's going to be about Asian Alcohols or Chinese rice wine. And Japanese Sake.

So yeah, the Chinese drink rice wine, a fermented rice alcohol. And the Japanese drink Sake, also a rice drink.

So yes, how to make it:

1. Get some rice

2. Some balls for fermentation.

Steps on how to make it:

1. Clean the rice

2. Get the balls in

3. Get some water

4. Let it ferment.

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So yes, Mongolia... is it part of China? Or was it? Both. Why? Because they conquered China (battled China's Jin dynasty), and Hans in the Yuan dynasty (Genghis Khan= And so yes, they should be part of China. And come to think of it, how could it declare its independence, if it never were part of China? Illogical reasoning I guess... And how could we invade them if they were there after us Hans? So no, we didn't rape them, they (Mongols) raped us Hans and burnt down China. So free whom from whom now...? or from what? And we didn't disrespect them, they asked to govern China and they are still asking it... should China give China back to the Mongols now? No. They should cooperate with us Chinese and remain in the PPC (People's Republic of China).

But I'm not here today to talk about Mongolia-China's history, I'm here to tell you about Chinese Mongolian lamb & beef fondue...

Why is it called Mongolian Chinese fondue? Because Mongolia conquered Han Chinese and China once.

What did I get? I had beef and lamb fondue.

How to eat it:

1. Go to a Mongolian-Chinese restaurant during winter.

2. Get some lamb and beef meat & veggies.

3. Get some fondue sauce.

4. Dip the meat & the veggies in the sesame/shallot/onion sauce.

My thoughts: very good meat, okay price: we were 6, we spent about 110$. And very great taste. Will you try it or not? (if interested in Genghis Khan's true story, and can speak/understand Chinese, you can watch this, Gengis Khan, Chinese version).

Get tuned for another entry about Asia's history and Asia's alcoholic beverages & meat, bye, see you next time!
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So yes, some Iranian-Persian dessert today. How ya going/doing this morning? As I've said before, Persians were Iranians before, so yeah, hence why the title's Iranian-Persian desserts.

Main Ingredients:

1. Get some flour, some mix for Iranian-Persian desserts.

2. Some spices (including saffron, turmeric...)

3. Jasmine extract

4. Some nuts (pistachios, and etc...)

How to:

1. Get the flour, the mix in a bowl, add in water, the Jasmine extract, mix it up.

2. Get said wet flour mix in moulds for baking (square or round, doesn't matter), bake it in the oven.

3. Get them out, and sprinkle some of the spices, the nuts on (saffron, turmeric, pistachios...)
Have you tasted these, if yes, how did you find them? If no, will you...?

Tomorrow's going to be about some Mongolian lamb and beef fondue.. XD



My thoughts: really great and very cheap to make.
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So hey guys, what have you been up to lately? How have you been? Here today, welcome to my Chinese bakery recipe or basic Chinese bakery and how to.

What are we going to make: some basic Chinese bakery. It's different from Western bakery, really different. How so? It's sometimes sweet, meaty and even salty, pepperish-tasting. We use different spices to make our stuff.

Let me teach you how to do the basics like meaty fortune cookies, Chinese hot-dog or etc...

What you need is basically (for every Chinese bakery recipe, save for number 6:

1. Eggs

2. Sesame oil

3. Red Sugar.

4. Salt and pepper

5. Flour

6. Meats like chicken, beef, pork (optional).

1. Break the eggs, batter them with chopsticks.

2. Put the sesame oil and other ingredients in the eggs after mincing them (the meats), add in the flour and batter it with chopsticks again.

3. Get them in different moulds with a spoon.

4. Bake them in the oven or fry them on stove for awhile (at medium-high heat and till golden and crispy). And voila, a Chinese chicken pie, a meat fortune cookie...

5. Salt and pepper them once you get them out to eat.

Tomorrow"s going to be about Persian desserts.
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So yes, what did Persians eat? Nothing but the most delicious recipes on Earth, so let's talk about it!

I love trying out new flavours, including Middle-Eastern foods & drinks (cuisine). Not surprisingly, i also love Iranian and Turkish cuisine.

Main Ingredients:

1. Chicken obviously.

2. Persian spices (at any Persian or Middle-Eastern stores) and veggies (peppers, chills, brocolis, celeries, anything ya want).

3. Pita rolls.

4. Humus sauce

5. Vegetable oil.

A guide on the recipe:

1. Clean the chicken, cut it in small pieces, mince the veggies.

2. Brush the spices on the chicken.

3. Fry them in a frying pan (pour the oil in first).

4. When the chicken's fried (golden-orangy), get it out, roll it in the Pita bread and serve hot with the humus sauce to people! Enjoy:

Get ready for Chinese bakery, tomorrow!
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Why hello there, evening... so yes, a mushroom salad inspired by Turkish flavours and how I stumbled upon it.

A Mushroom salad:

1. Get fresh mushrooms

2. Some Turkish spices (at any Turkish grocery store, supermarket, open bazar...)

3. Some beef.

4. Some oil.

5. A Turkish salad dressing.

How to:

1. Clean the mushrooms, cut them grossly.

2. Mince the beef.

3. Get them in a bowl plus the spices and the oil and the Turkish dressing.

4. Mix everything up a bit and serve fresh to guests! Good night and see you tomorrow for a Persian chicken salad.

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So yes hiya there.. how are you and how are things...? Anyways, I think it's time for another history lesson on Xin Jiang. Before you say we exploited them and invaded them and yadayada... let me give you some insight about the region's history with China.

1. Persia-Byzantine empire attacked China, continuously and mercilessly (2 thousand years ago, meaning they aren't the natives,). And they came from the Sumerians, or the Baybylonians and they came from Mesopotamia (Hittite Empire, around 5 k years ago from now, meaning China existed before them even). I know today's Iranians or Iraqis will deny it, but they came from the Sumerians and Babylonians and the Hittites (or are their descendants), those were the real ancestors of today's Iranians and Iraqis or the Iraqis-Iranians are the descendants of the Babylonians or the Sumerians, the Hittites.

2. King Nabucodonausaur did attack China (China's Xia dynasty, so China existed 5 thousand years ago). And thus, Xin Jiang was born (new front). Why "new front"? Because China extended their lands to the refugees from Persia and the Byzantine Empires (2 k years ago) and it was "new to them (the Persians, from 2 k years ago).

And so today's Turks really have no right to China's Xin Jiang, lol. Why? Because China existed 4 k years ago and granted them asylum (after the fall of the Babylone,-Hittite Empire). And really, I don't know how you can think Turks are the natives of China when Hans are the first people of China? And are you saying that the first nations don't have a right to their lands...? (Per the human righters' reasoning).

I personally think Xin Jiang should remain an autonomous territory within China, or the People's republic of China.

So yes, now that's settled, here's the beef recipe from Xin Jiang (influenced by Persian-Middle-Eastern flavours):

1. Get some beef

2. Some Xin Jiang spices (zhi ran).

3. Some oil.

4. Some onions

Steps on how to make it:

1. Wash the beef, the onions

2. Mince them.

3. Brush on the Zhi ran spice.

4. Put it in a frying pan

5. While sautéing them, put in the oil and the spices.

Enjoy a Persian-Chinese flavoured beef, from Xin Jiang, China:

Up next: a turkish salad!
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So hey there, before you say Chinese exploited Tibet, you should know that the Lamas exploited the Tibetans before in China. What are the Lamas? The Tibetans worship them and give them foods & drinks, and money freely without them working and enslaved them in their religion, which is Lamaism, so therefore not Buddhism... so there was no "human rights" either prior to the Han Chinese's taking over them. Some are really tired of living in such conditions: having to give up the best foods & drinks to their Lamas and want Han Chinese' Atheist ways. And you should know that in history, they usurped many others lands (that's why they are pretty much hated for that in Asia): like from the Nepali, Indians, even Mongols and Xiong Nu and yes, even China's lands. In our eyes, when they came in China, they were and are still usurpers and foreign invaders of our Middle Kingdom since it existed before theirs in time (theirs existed 2 k years ago and ours 4-5 thousand years ago) and since Chinese had recorded history since 4100 years ago, we Hans are the first people of our lands and the rightful owners of China. Basically here, we founded China and Tibet 4,1 years ago (around 2 k years ago B.C.) in: the Xia, Shan, Zhou dynasties and the Warring period, so they have no right to Tibet either and in the Han-Tang dynasties (as I've explained before: 6-8th centuries), they desired a peaceful union between our Kingdoms, so they accepted our Tang Princess: Princess Weng Cheng as their cherished Queen and Leader.

So you saying the Chinese Han aboriginals don't have a right to Tibet, is like saying the natives of China don't have a right to Ancient China or denying us our "historical China" and our "basic human rights", which is: our right to govern our own lands or to be sovereign, within our own borders. per the human righters' failed logic there. So yes, Tibet belongs to China's history and historical legacy and is the vestige of the Sino-Tibetan civilization (culture, people...).

And the Dala Lamai wants these "religious practices" back and these lands they took back and as I'm an Atheist, don't condone it...

Now, what's a Yak? A Yak is an animal for their transportation (the Tibetans'), living in the Himalayas. And sometimes they hunt and eat it as a meat and drink it's milk and make it into "butter milk tea".

Here you go (Tibetan Yak Milk and Salty Butter Tea)

P.S: I don't like it myself. I think it's too salty for my taste.
Next up: Xin Jian beef.

(A Yak)

Testimonial and historical/archeological proof of the Princess Weng Cheng's marriage with Song Gampo in the Jokhan temple:

So conclusions: we Han Chinese never abused of anyone's "human rights" and are the rightful owners of the "Middle Kingdom" and China and every part of it (according to the Human Righters...)

Politically, I think Tibet should cooperate with China and India to preserve it's unique culture and it's people, but I think Tibet should remain an autonomous region of China since it can't be completely freed from China since people there are related by blood with the Hans. And I don't think Tibet should be independent because it was part of China long ago (and if you say Tibet never belonged to China)... why does it want it's "independence"? Why should it have it when the people lived in China for more than 2 thousand years?

And also answer: who did this to who first (the annihilation and etc... now that you know Tibetans assimilated us Hans and persecuted Atheist Hans like me).
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Hey there, what's going on? Today's going to be some red bean candies on the menu... what are they?
They are the most delicious Chinese candies ever... and very hard. I'm eating one at the moment.


1. Milk or "milk powder".

2. Red Beans


1. Get the milk and the beans in a bowl, mix them together.

2.Let it harden (with a hardening mix).

3. Cut it square.

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So yes good day to you... here today's a recipe for a spicy and sweet noodles. It's Szechuanese actually, from the province where I'm from.

1. Get some noodles

2. Some sweet and spicy Szechuanese Chili bean sauce

3. Some vegetable oil

4. Some pork

How-to make them:

1. Clean the noodles with water

2. Mince the pork

3. Get them in a frying pan (skillet)

4 Fry them for awhile (about 3-5 minutes or till everything's golden-looking (at medium-low heat: 350 degree celsius).

5. While frying and cooking them, pour in the sweet n spicy Chili sauce n the oil.

And that's it:

With Soup:

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So hello... what's up there... how you've been? So before you say brainwashed stuff like "free East Turkmenistan..." or "Xin Jian isn't China"... You should know that: we Hans didn't take the Turks' lands... as I've said before on the issue of Xing Jiang Brochettes, they came there after China's existed, so they took our lands (the Chinese's) in history. And the Emperor of Tang (around the 6th century) tried to fight off the Turkish raids (they came from the actual Turkey, Persia, Saudi Arabia and etc...)

Actually Xin Jiang means in Mandarin: "New Front". Why? Because Han Chinese were facing the Turks in the Tang Dynasty, so they "discovered" this new place. And no, they didn't take it from the Turks, because the Turks weren't there before Chinese discovered it, was in fact, a large and huge desert or deserted land and Tursk were invading China through it and the Emperor of West Liao (800-900) defeated the Turks. We named it "New World" in Mandarin Chinese. So Xin Jiang was part of China and belonged to China since the Western Liao Dynasty since the "Ugyhur'" Empire (Khitan Empire) ended in this era.

So yes back to fresh pears from Xin Jian, China: famous for very juicy and extremely mouth-watering, sweet. When you're thirsty in the summer, please take a bite in one or drink it's juice.

Interesting version of Xin Jiang's history:
How to make the juice at home:

1. Buy some of China's Xin Jiang pears at your local Chinese grocery store.

2. Peel them.

3. Cut them.

4. Crush them in a smoothie/juice maker.

Note: one of the best juices/drinks I've ever tasted in my life as I'm a pear lover.

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Hello you there, how's your evening going...? Anyways, here's a Filipino rice cake... My mum got it from her co-worker's.
She's from the Philippines. I've just had it for supper: really good and so soft.

How to:

1. Get some rice.

2. Some flour

3. Some rising mix powder.


1. Get the rice in a bowl.

2. Get the flour, red sugar, rising powder in said bowl, mix everything with a spatula.

3. Get it in an aluminium square mould.

4. Get the aluminium square in the oven (bake till it rises).

5. Take it out and cut it in small pieces and enjoy.

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So yes heya, evening everyone, how you've all been...? A lotus soup for today's recipe... Now the Lotus in the early Chinese Buddhist myths, symbolizes prosperity, joy and health. Why? As I've explained already, the Guan Ying Pu Sa (a Buddhist Chinese Goddess of fortune and health) came sitting on a Lotus throne to protect all of her children from harm and hurt. A great myth.

So for Xmas' evening, enjoy a great lotus soup. How to:

1. Get some Lotus roots obviously.

2. Get some pork ribs...

3. Get some Chinese medicinal herbs.


1. Cleanse and cut the Lotus and herbs of dirt.

2. Cleanse the ribs.

3. Get the ribs in a pan, get some water in, let the blood in the pan for a few minutes, take them in another clean pan, let the ribs cook for awhile. With a spoon, take out the oily soup.

4. Get the lotus and other Chinese herbs in.

Tips: could add in some spices while cooking. Serve in a Chinese bowl (get at Chinatown).

The Guan Yin (Lotus Goddess on her Lotus Throne):

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So howdy, how are you...? People love Canto fried rice and chow mien at my place... especially foreigners... I don't know why to be honest here.

Now Cantonese, as aforementioned, speak a dialect and love fried foods.


1. Some oil.

2. Some veggies (Shanghai cabbage, brocolis, celeries... and etc...)

3. Some meat (chicken, beef, or pork). I'd rather beef myself.


1. Chop some veggies and the meat (either chicken, beef or pork sausage.)

2.Get some water in, the vegetable oil in a frying pan/skillet (Mandatory for all fried dishes here).

3. Fry them for a while (1-2 minutes).

My comments: a real quick and easy snack for the whole family, really. Enjoy for the Chinese New Year!

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